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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Not so grand entrance

Now..where do you think this might be?

Jurassic park?
An outtake from 'Tremors'?
Plans for a Flintstones theme park?
No. Look carefully and see the road winding upwards towards my house.

Yes folks, Chorley Borough Council, Withnell Parish Council or who ever...(because we have actually no idea as no one has seen fit to inform us or ask our views),  have struck once again.
This is the new tooth-jarring entrance to the play area in the heart of a village on the Lancashire Pennine Moors.
What do you think?
I think the answer to all those questions is no.
Embarrasing, ugly, tasteless?

In the woods nearby (which is currently being ruined by a new 8 foot wide and 2 foot high bridleway for horses and bikes) there are ruins of  properties made from beautiful mellow stone, with old abandoned farm gateways where  'dressers' of past years worked lovely traditional herringbone patterns onto the face of the stone posts.

Do you think they could have used something which might have been an homage to our vernacular history?

Don't be ridiculous..this is BRINSCALL, this is CHORLEY.
They don't pay homage to the past..they saw down 150 years old beech trees for nothing.

They put fences along the edge of the river that gives peace and tranquility to a walk.Where if you are lucky you might catch sight of a kingfisher or a deer drinking form the stream, a heron  or hear the plop as a fish leaps to catch a fly.

But what really amazes me me is that the Villagers don't seem to care...well one or two do but no-one takes any notice of us.


Wabbit said...

I vote for ugly. Go to the next council meeting and tell them that your American tourist friends are planning on giving Chorley and its businesses a miss on our next trip because its becoming so ugly. And you're having to travel down to London to meet us as a consequence! (Taking even local dollars away temporarily.)

*Sigh* I wish I could say that we're coming soon, but we're not. :(

ju-north said...

Some things are worth fighting for - don't give up. Write to your local press etc

Linda Ianson said...

Do you go to the council meetings? what about the local strategic partnership in your area, they are a partnership where you can voice your concerns in the community forums? You can undo what has been done, especially if there has been no consultation, councils members are supposed to act on your behalf, they are spending public money..... start a petition, suggest alternatives.....just as you have in the blog, if you feel this way so will lots of other people, I can't believe you have not been consulted in any way in regard to these changes. Go to Chorley borough council and make some noise!!

Carol said...

How awful! Looks like some theme park entrance that's been desserted for years. We have ugly stuff being done around here... People call it eclectic or think they know something you don't by favoring these outrageous designs... Ugh! So frustrating. And if they aren't doing these crazy redecorative projects they are killing off wildlife in peaceful places to build condos or a mall...
An editorial to the newspaper is a fine idea...

Val said...

Wow! That really is ugly! I do love your beautiful photos of the trees though, especially that old root stump in your last post!

Jasmine said...

Such a shame. I think that the entrance to the park could be quite beautiful in the right environment. They just stick out like a sore thumb where they have been placed. They don't belong in such a built up place. Lets hope it all looks wonderful when it is complete.

Anonymous said...

Actually the finished entrance is very nice with carved animals on either side of this gateway which was done by the local village goit group not the parish council or Chorley borough council just local people after much consultation and meetings. It also now has a disabled footpath encouraging all to enjoy our countryside I wouldn't say that's a waste of beech trees but inclusion,what a pity this fellow villagers doesn't feel the same

Jackie said...

Reply to anonymous: I will agree that the finished entrance is very nicely done in the end. I still don't like the silhouette of the stones but they are beautifully finished now. Its just that at the time, no-one knew what they were going to be like.
I still maintain that the path through the woods is brutal and ugly and could have been made far more carefully. I love the inclusiveness of the idea too, but it was done so badly and makes what was a lovely wild place into what looks like an urban walkway. Its a pity you don't give your name.Perhaps I know you and we could discuss it.

Jackie said...

Further to that reply: This is my ranting blog. I have already made a revised comment on my main blog. If you care to view it, its halfway down this post

together with my retraction .