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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Just for the record.

In my previous post here I complained about the appearance in our village of the huge stones at the entrance to the play area.
At the time, I didn't know how they would be finished. No information was given beforehand..some people obviously knew but a lot didn't.

Now I know that the whole play area is beautiful, the stones have been carved by a real artist , and by local schoolchildren, and are an asset to the village. A wooden walkway has been installed around the lodge so that people can walk easily around the waters edge. There has been a wonderful play area installed and trees have been planted and altogether that part is a great success.
I stand corrected.

At the same time, Lancashire County Council were making a mess of the woods.
I won't go into many details.
THATS the bit I hate.

Its getting better but its still a big brutal change to a lovely wild place. It could have been done in a far more sympathetic way. Giving more people access to the woods seems to involve putting up a lot of new fences.

So anonymous, I hope I make myself clear. You choose not to add your name or e mail address, so I hope this reply will suffice.

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