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Sunday, 5 July 2009


Well, Hazel visited us this afternoon.
I must say she is a lovely dog but my response to her was not what I expected.
I was prepared to love her but it just didn't happen when I saw her.
We have decided not to have her, for many reasons, but I feel bad about it.
Her owner is a very capable and lovely young woman who has done a brilliant job with her, showing her the world outside her kennel.
I just didn't feel that Hazel was the dog for me.
I can only put this down to not being ready.
I thought I desperately needed a dog but I think I need longer to get over Willow and had my heart set on a puppy eventually.
I am so sorry Hazel.

To see more of Hazel and her two companions see Their Beautiful Blog. I especially like the most recent post which shows Hazel, happy in the buttercups.

One uncanny fact: The fight between Hazel and her daughter happened on the day Willow died.

Thursday, 2 July 2009


Oh what to do what to do?

We still miss Willow desperately but she's not coming back so we decided we would wait until the summer is over and we have had a few days of spontaneous travel(!) and then go for an Orange and white pointer puppy at the beginning of November.
I am sitting here desperate for a dog.

So I log on to a pointer website and introduce myself. Just to help mourn and familiarise myself with other dogs.
I get a message from someone who is trying to re home a 5 year old, unspeyed, liver and white pointer who doesn't really belong to her but to a breeder .
(The same breeder we got Willow from.)
This dog we shall call 'H' wasn't thriving in kennels and was quite ill, and needed a home so, (lets call her temporary owner 'C',) took her on .She is on steroids for a condition she has recovered from but needs to be weaned off them gradually.
But H fights with one of Cs other dogs so she can't keep her.

BUT( and I know its probably vain,) H is Liver and I want Orange.
I just like them so much better.

We are thinking thinking thinking whether we want H temporarily.
How will be bear to part with her?
She is visiting us on Sunday.
the breeder...lets call her B, has informed me that in November she will have orange and white puppies available.

What to do?