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Now I am using this space to help me remember Willow.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Farewell Buster

This is Willow playing on a walk with Buster whom we shall see no more.
He is a little gentleman and belongs to the local Methodist minister and family who have now returned to Texas, taking our friend with them.
I hope he likes it in Texas and that he doesn't miss the woods of the place where he was born.
We had him to stay one night and he was quite afraid of the cats.
(This piece is to see how it looks with a right hand photo.
I quite like it do you, poor lost reader, who came here by mistake?)

Friday, 8 August 2008

a Thing I've been meaning to say.

Writing here is a bit like whispering behind my hand.
No-one reads and almost no-one comments and after all its only a tryout blog.
So here's what I'm trying out.
My memory is atrocious. If I look up a telephone number I can forget it before I've picked up the phone.
Once I met people and they told me their names and next time I met them ..I knew their name their hobbies and where they I don't even remember their faces..or even that I met them once.
Sometimes I read a blog, decide to comment and by the time I get to the comments box I've forgotten what I was going to say.
Or what I was commenting on.
It is a bit worrying I have to say. But don't worry, blogger, typepad and wordpress have a little brain training for all of us.
The verification letters.
I have failed that test so many times that sometimes I just give up. If an 'l' is lower case and all bendy how are you supposed to tell if its and 'l' or an 'I'?
I mean what would be the very worst thing that could happen if you didn't have word verification?
A lot of extra comments?
Bring 'em on.
We all want comments don't we?

Friday, 1 August 2008

My Favourite doggy video

I got it from youtube. There are lots more 'Scottie tails'