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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

More doggie tales

Once upon a time I had two dogs.
Big dogs.
English pointers.
Daisy and Willow.
I didn't know it then, but I was diabetic and would sleep a lot.
One morning, after I had seen my boys of to school and eaten my white bread toast and marmalade, which is terrible stuff if you are diabetic, I felt very sleepy..the kind of sleepy where you just can't go on, and decided to go back to bed.
I let the dogs in the bedroom so they wouldn't disturb me, (this was pre bedroom makeover days) opened the curtains so as not to let the neighbours know I was in bed in the morning, and we all went off to sleep.
Suddenly the dogs began to bark.
They had heard the window cleaner.
What should I do?
He would be up the ladder at the bedroom window in a matter of minutes.
However I had the lace curtains up at the window so I decided he wouldn't be able to see me through those if I slipped down under the covers .
While he was cleaning the bedroom windows the dogs were going berserk, barking as if they'd burst..understandably. ..there was a strange man at their window!
I heard him go down the ladder and away from the house and the dogs settled down and I opened my eyes and behold!
Nothing but a scrap of lace curtain was left at those windows.
Just the bit at the top where there were a few threads left hanging ..the only bits the dogs couldn't reach.
The window cleaner never mentioned it when he came later in the week to collect his money...very diplomatic.
I suppose it goes with the job.
No dogs now, no lace curtains and, now I know what to eat , definitely no sleeping in the daytime.
(Well maybe if I'm really tired I might doze off in the evening......)