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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

More doggie tales

Once upon a time I had two dogs.
Big dogs.
English pointers.
Daisy and Willow.
I didn't know it then, but I was diabetic and would sleep a lot.
One morning, after I had seen my boys of to school and eaten my white bread toast and marmalade, which is terrible stuff if you are diabetic, I felt very sleepy..the kind of sleepy where you just can't go on, and decided to go back to bed.
I let the dogs in the bedroom so they wouldn't disturb me, (this was pre bedroom makeover days) opened the curtains so as not to let the neighbours know I was in bed in the morning, and we all went off to sleep.
Suddenly the dogs began to bark.
They had heard the window cleaner.
What should I do?
He would be up the ladder at the bedroom window in a matter of minutes.
However I had the lace curtains up at the window so I decided he wouldn't be able to see me through those if I slipped down under the covers .
While he was cleaning the bedroom windows the dogs were going berserk, barking as if they'd burst..understandably. ..there was a strange man at their window!
I heard him go down the ladder and away from the house and the dogs settled down and I opened my eyes and behold!
Nothing but a scrap of lace curtain was left at those windows.
Just the bit at the top where there were a few threads left hanging ..the only bits the dogs couldn't reach.
The window cleaner never mentioned it when he came later in the week to collect his money...very diplomatic.
I suppose it goes with the job.
No dogs now, no lace curtains and, now I know what to eat , definitely no sleeping in the daytime.
(Well maybe if I'm really tired I might doze off in the evening......)


Fiona Whitehead said...

Hi Jackie - thanks for popping by my blog - I've been reading your tales about Willow - I have an older Welsh Springer Spaniel who we nearly lost last year but who is still with us - as it looks like her time may be limited we've brought a new puppy welshie into the house - I didn't want to just replace my old girl once she'd gone. You forget how much work puppies are but when she curls up under your chin and falls asleep its like having the babies back. She'll soon be too big for me to cuddle but at the moment she's getting lots of them. I'll put some piccies up of her on my blog - hope your new dog finds you soon. xx

Pam said...

Oh Jackie this post is funny and sad at the same time! I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Maybe I'll do both. :):(