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Friday, 8 August 2008

a Thing I've been meaning to say.

Writing here is a bit like whispering behind my hand.
No-one reads and almost no-one comments and after all its only a tryout blog.
So here's what I'm trying out.
My memory is atrocious. If I look up a telephone number I can forget it before I've picked up the phone.
Once I met people and they told me their names and next time I met them ..I knew their name their hobbies and where they I don't even remember their faces..or even that I met them once.
Sometimes I read a blog, decide to comment and by the time I get to the comments box I've forgotten what I was going to say.
Or what I was commenting on.
It is a bit worrying I have to say. But don't worry, blogger, typepad and wordpress have a little brain training for all of us.
The verification letters.
I have failed that test so many times that sometimes I just give up. If an 'l' is lower case and all bendy how are you supposed to tell if its and 'l' or an 'I'?
I mean what would be the very worst thing that could happen if you didn't have word verification?
A lot of extra comments?
Bring 'em on.
We all want comments don't we?


The Broken Man said...

we do indeed and the verification thing winds me up i cant do it! Yours doesnt seem to have it..i wish i knew how to turn mine off! As to forgetting - i forget a lot. People i have worked with for six months i will meet in the street and have no idea who they are.

Chris' Shady Grove said...

I found you elsewhere. I am having similar problems. I sometimes wonder if it is my right brain taking over. Sometimes my creativity gets in the way of my social skills. I can't slow down my brain and focus somedays. I find it quite annoying. I used to remember everyone I met and now I forget people I have long conversations with. I really enjoy everyone I meet and hate to come off so uncaring.

HeArt Collective said...

you're funny...
i have to check out your other blog, i have surfed in by accident and now i feel caught! :)


Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Hi Jackie, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me kind words : )
I was just browsing yours here and we have lots in common! We like a lot of the same music, love to swim in the sea (I have to brave the cold of Scottish and Irish waters for that as we never go abroad). I also arrange flowers and we love crafting! Especially with fabrics and felt. So it's so nice to know you.
I was brought up with traditional and folkie music. My Mum is a singer
We have great get togethers here at our cottage where everyone brings their instruments and does their turn. I'll do a blog after the next one and share some of it with everyone.
Hope you are having a nice weekend. Best reagrds, Aileen.

Jude said...

I wish I'd found this when I first set about blogging (about this month, actually) I've been winding myself up so much about what a useless memory I have and the 'importance' of getting those damn letters right first time and what happens if I don't...(I'd get a scathing letter saying I was not fit to be a blogger, no doubt)