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Saturday, 9 August 2008

Farewell Buster

This is Willow playing on a walk with Buster whom we shall see no more.
He is a little gentleman and belongs to the local Methodist minister and family who have now returned to Texas, taking our friend with them.
I hope he likes it in Texas and that he doesn't miss the woods of the place where he was born.
We had him to stay one night and he was quite afraid of the cats.
(This piece is to see how it looks with a right hand photo.
I quite like it do you, poor lost reader, who came here by mistake?)


hens teeth said...

Hello Jackie ~ goody goody ~ more of you to read and make me smile. Willow is wonderful and Jools looks soft and purrr y.
Loved the Scotty dog video, really good.
Keep on trukin'

MIMILEE said...

Good morning!

I see you are dog lover like myself and a cat lover like myself!
I am a very new blogger but have found it a fascinating way to hook up with others and see what they are up to! My blog right now is kind of messed up as I am learning! But I plan to keep working at it and try to get the kinks out.
Love they way you express yourself, are quite the character!.....
I plan to visit you often!
Loved the video and have downloaded it on my computer.
Best Regards,

Heather said...

It's lovely being a poor lost reader - you never know what delights you might discover. Love to Willow and Jules. Like Mimilee I too am new to blogging but it is such good fun that I have to remember to do some textile work of my own, rather than keep looking at and reading about other people's. It's becoming really addictive.

HaveFaith said...

Yes, I am a poor lost reader. Can't for the life of me figure how I got here. But I'm here and enjoying your blog. Not to worry, lost or not it was a hoot to see your scotty movie. I also have a dog and cats and love the dearly.