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Thursday, 2 July 2009


Oh what to do what to do?

We still miss Willow desperately but she's not coming back so we decided we would wait until the summer is over and we have had a few days of spontaneous travel(!) and then go for an Orange and white pointer puppy at the beginning of November.
I am sitting here desperate for a dog.

So I log on to a pointer website and introduce myself. Just to help mourn and familiarise myself with other dogs.
I get a message from someone who is trying to re home a 5 year old, unspeyed, liver and white pointer who doesn't really belong to her but to a breeder .
(The same breeder we got Willow from.)
This dog we shall call 'H' wasn't thriving in kennels and was quite ill, and needed a home so, (lets call her temporary owner 'C',) took her on .She is on steroids for a condition she has recovered from but needs to be weaned off them gradually.
But H fights with one of Cs other dogs so she can't keep her.

BUT( and I know its probably vain,) H is Liver and I want Orange.
I just like them so much better.

We are thinking thinking thinking whether we want H temporarily.
How will be bear to part with her?
She is visiting us on Sunday.
the breeder...lets call her B, has informed me that in November she will have orange and white puppies available.

What to do?


Cathy said...

I think it's one of those times that you let your heart lead you. Perhaps there is a reason this has been put before you. None of my animals were planned and I love them as my children. You'll figure it out.

Cathy said...

Hey, I have no idea how to change the "no reply" thing. Sorry. I know you'll make the right decision.

Jude said...

Before Jose died and before Dewi, we were contemplating another dog. We visited a homeless young dog, twice. Jose came too, to see if they played. But once it was arranged for him to visit for the day, we had decided, for no other reason than he wasn't 'the one'. He just didn't do it for us.Sad, I know. So, hopefully, you'll get that same feeling.
(Personally, I'd go for the puppy!)

lilylovekin said...

I think you should see how your visit with "H" goes if you connect then consider adoption. You can always get a puppy. We have 2 dogs 5 years apart. Our first is an adopted dog our second was a puppy, it has worked out great.

Judith Stainer said...

Oh Jackie go with your heart ,I had to have Purdy put to sleep on the 17th of June I can't stop weeping but I couldn't help but look at the rescue sites,maybe next spring, the thought of never having another one makes me want to curl up and die.Just see how you feel when you meet her and you will know if it's right.
Judith in Farnborough

Jackie said...

Hi Judith
I can't find any way to reply to you but thank you for that and I'm so sorry. I think of Purdy as a cat because my friend has one called Purdy but I'm sure you mean a dog?
I was just weeping this minute about Willow even though I am looking forward to Hazel visiting tomorrow..yes she's coming to see us...

Victoria said...

Yes Jackie, trust your heart. I think you will know what to do and I also think that life orchestrates events to bring us the animal(s) we are suppose to care for. Who knows, maybe you will fall in love with both H and the not yet born pup... maybe they are both meant to be in your life. I wish you much luck on this journey, and am sure that Willow's love is with you and will help guide you in this process. Thank you so much for your caring words about Mo... I appreciate that you know how damn hard and yet poignantly beautiful this time with her is.

Joei Rhode Island said...

Oh,'s sooo hard. But..ya never know until you know. I didn't want a white dog...not ever, ever. Guess what?! I've got a big curly headed white dog for Peet's Sake! And we absolutely **love** him....(Oh, and we wanted a female!)
Let us know how the visit went!

Midge said...

I have a feeling you have already decided......
x x x

Carol said...

Hi Jackie, meet the 'liver and white' pointer and see how it goes. When we went to the rescue to get a 'friend' for our Hobo, we had a type of dog in mind, a yellow lab type, to replace the one we lost. We fell in love with a coonhound mix!!! She just fit!
Thanks for the birthday wishes, by the way!!!