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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Maundering on.

This is the last picture I took of Willow.
I think its obvious she was not herself.
We had a tearful family goodbye on Monday evening and then a visit from the vet on Tuesday evening.
I held her head and shoulders on my knee on a blanket on the settee..a place she was forbidden usually. She sank slowly away.


Anonymous said...

The worst day of my life was when we had to let our beloved Ute-girl go in 2006. One of the best days of my life was when 14 years to the day that we met and adopted Ute, we met and adopted Arwyn(the destroyer).

Frankly, I generally prefer the company of canines to people. And I have never loved a soul as much as I love(still love) my dogs.

I know how you feel in sadness and happiness. Feel how you feel, but be at peace.

May we be lucky enough to do our next turn of the wheel as dogs owned by people like us.


Jude said...

I hope I can manage to give my 2 as much love and compassion as you so obviously gave Willow.

Judith Stainer said...

Willow was such a lucky pup to have you and your family in her life,some dogs spend their time with dog owners others with dog lovers.



I've never had a dog but I think I can imagine how one becomes such an intrinsic part of the family that their loss is as missed as a valuable family member. Your loving descriptions of your loss of Willow made me cry and I'm so sorry

nimblejacks said...

oh, poor you I'm welling up it was the part when you said trustingly:C I took our beleoved ginger surfy cat to the vet for the same reason, yes he was old, yes he was rissled with cancer but he was like the soul and spirit of our barn through all our 3 yrs living in a caravan he'd been
there with us, sat at the bottom of ladders patiently waiting for us he was so very lovely and when I held him at the vets he was purring looking at me......trustingly as he fell asleep I felt so awful. But he was dying and in pain, we buried him under our wisteria, it had never flowered in the 10yrs here and then that summer 26 flowers just like that. the kids still say Ginge's energy makes it flower:D Never be without a pet, they bring so much to your homexxc

umelecky said...

I just came across your blog about your dog Willow. I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost my two boys (Basil and Smokey) 2 years ago. Smokey first, then Basil a month later. I know exactly how you felt when you lost Willow. Although I have another dog now and I love him too, it's just not the same. I still cry when I think about my sweet boys. Thank you so much for sharing.