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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Things you can do without a dog

  • wear your decent clothes in the house without fear of drool
  • leave doors to all the rooms open
  • go out for a long time and not have to rush home
  • leave plates of food unattended
  • have the cat on your knee
  • go straight to bed when you feel like it without having to stand with the back door open for 10 minutes
  • go away on holiday
but you don't want to.


Michael House said...

so, so true

Jude said...

Yes, very,very true.
Oh dear Jackie, when will it end?

Cathy said...

oh sweetie....

nimblejacks said...

Can't afford a holiday, like looking at the garden at night, cat is sitting on my lap in protest at the pup, Hubby finishes off any food left over:D Hooray for stable doors in the house, who would be without a woof? Oh you forgot don't leave any kids K'nex, lego or Playmobli lying around!! XX

re said...

Had to smile at the bit about wearing your decent clothes at home, we usually get changed as soon as we get home not so much because of the drool but because of the hairs!

RoseMary said...

These are all true, but would be missed, if dog was gone.
Ours is named D.O.G.

Kari L√łnning said...

you forgot gardening! though it doesn't really stop a gardener, and having a BIG dog AND ... a garden, IS what it's all about! LOL

kate said...

goodness I'm glad you kept that link to your old blog - it is lovely.I like the story about the window cleaner and going to bed early only to remember too late that he will soon be looking in. I have done the same. And I love the story about the beach and peeing on the towels.You have a great eye for those little funny things that happen. In my next post I will remember you and try to catch some of the same.thanks.Kate(still smiling about the toilet duck)